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Brandin Cooks X Wild Health

Project Overview

Creative Direction

The brand design, creative direction, and media production for a precision health company’s strategic partnership with NFL star Brandin Cooks.

Wild Health
Senior EP
Social Media & Press

This commercial was created for the launch of the Brandin Cooks X Wild Health brand awareness campaign.

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Introduction & Challenge

In overseeing this multifaceted project, I took charge of the copywriting, screen direction, and line production for a series of impactful social media product launch announcements featuring NFL Superstar Brandin Cooks. The project’s centerpiece was a live on-location podcast, seamlessly executed with Mr. Cooks and the Wild Health executive team. The meticulous pre-production phase spanned 14 days, followed by an additional 14 days dedicated to production and post-production, with the project incurring a cost of approximately $50,000, excluding the value of complimentary products and services extended to Mr. Cooks. A key aspect of my role involved spearheading the development of an influencer campaign, collaborating closely with brand designers and Mr. Cooks to craft a compelling concept that resonated profoundly with the target audience. To ensure a cohesive visual identity, I established consistent and recognizable visual elements across all campaign assets and channels.



Taking the campaign beyond the digital realm, I personally traveled to the location to supervise podcast recording, video interviews, testimonials, and commercial video production. A distinctive feature of the campaign was the strategic incorporation of Brandin Cooks’ personal story and connection to the product, aiming to engage and inspire the target audience. To maximize the campaign’s impact, I utilized social media insights, optimizing content for Instagram by leveraging the platform’s features and best practices. The results were outstanding, with the campaign creating the most viewed piece of content in the organization’s history and contributing to a remarkable 15% increase in subscriptions during the quarter following its release.

From Field to Wellness: Brandin Cooks' Impact on Wild Health's Brand Landscape

Partnering with a high-profile athlete like Brandin Cooks significantly amplified Wild Health’s reach and brand visibility. By leveraging his massive following and influence on social media platforms, we were able to engage a broader audience who may not have been familiar with holistic precision medicine previously.

The partnership also lent credibility to Wild Health’s offerings. Brandin Cooks’ endorsement of our products showcased their effectiveness and value in optimizing athletic performance and overall well-being. This association helped build trust among potential customers seeking natural solutions backed by an NFL athlete’s experience. Through strategic content creation and promotion during the product launch, we generated significant buzz around Wild Health’s offerings. The collaboration allowed us to craft compelling narratives that highlighted how our holistic approach aligns perfectly with maintaining peak physical condition as an elite athlete.

The influencer product launch not only attracted new customers but also deepened engagement among existing ones. The excitement stirred by Brandin Cooks’ involvement sparked conversations about holistic precision medicine within various communities – including sports enthusiasts, health-conscious individuals, and fans of the NFL. Positive outcomes resulting from this influencer product launch included increased brand awareness, favorable perception, reaching new audiences ,strengthening customer loyalty & generating meaningful conversations around holistic precision medicine . These achievements underscored the successful integration of influential partnerships into our marketing strategy while further establishing Wild Health as a trusted provider in its field.