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Thank you for visiting my website!

 I appreciate your interest and hope that you got to know me a little better.

 Whether you have a question about my services, an idea for collaboration, or just want to say hello – I’d love to hear from you. I am always eager to connect with visitors like yourself and explore new opportunities.

 Please feel free to reach out via phone, email or social media channels listed below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Andrew J. Diederich

Creative Director | Media Producer

M: (917) 716 8985



I don't think I've ever worked with someone quite as kind, calm, and receptive as Andrew. To say he is a team-player is an understatement. Our working relationship was focused primarily around producing short-feature videos and marketing collateral. He expertly analyzes project goals to create stunning projects. Culturally, he is a true asset – someone you want on your team. He's always up for anything and brings positivity, professionalism, and a genuine sense of calm to all that he does
Steph Sica
Brand Director - Wild Health