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Live Event Production

Role: Creative Director | Senior Executive Producer

As an Events Content Producer, I have gained extensive experience in curating and producing engaging content for a variety of events. Here is a summary of my experience:
  1. Awake and Aware Events: I have successfully produced a series of “awake and aware” events designed to inspire personal growth and consciousness. These events featured thought-provoking speakers, interactive workshops, and immersive experiences aimed at expanding attendees’ awareness.
My role involved selecting relevant topics, identifying industry experts as speakers, coordinating logistics with venues, managing event budgets, creating event schedules, and overseeing content creation for promotional materials such as websites, blogs, social media posts.I ensured that the content was informative, enlightening, and aligned with the overall theme&objectives of these events.
  1. In-Person Multi-Day Summit: I had the opportunity to produce an in-person multi-day summit focused on professional development within a specific industry.This summit brought together industry leaders, speakers, presenters, and attendees from around the world.The goal was to provide valuable insights, trends, and networking opportunities for participants.
For this event,I worked closely with keynote speakers &industry experts to develop their presentations, content outlines,&collateral material.I managed multiple tracks/sessions throughout the summit ensuring smooth transitions between sessions &timely execution .Additionally ,I coordinated all logistical aspects including venue selection, negotiations, event registration, catering etc.,to create an exceptional attendee experience.
  1. Shanghai International Conference: Producing an international conference in Shanghai presented unique challenges.&opportunities.From navigating cultural nuances, to coordinating cross-border partnerships,I successfully executed a high-profile conference that attracted global delegates/speakers
In this role,I collaborated with local vendors/venues, sought sponsorships, integrated interpreters into sessions, facilitated speaker travel arrangements/&ensured seamless communication across time zones.To ensure smooth operations during the conference, I created detailed run sheets, timelines, and communication plans while managing onsite staff/volunteers effectively.
Throughout these experiences,I honed my skills in content development, project management, event marketing, and stakeholder coordination.I understood the importance of tailoring content to specific event objectives and target audiences while maintaining a consistent brand voice across various channels (websites, social media, email campaigns etc.).I also prioritized attendee engagement &experience by incorporating interactive elements into sessions, providing value-added resources, and seeking feedback for continuous improvement.
In summary, my experience as an Events Content Producer encompasses producing events, multi-day summits, and international conferences.Through careful planning, content curation/logistics management, and attention to detail,I have consistently delivered exceptional events that inform, inspire, and engage attendees.