Creative Director | Marketing Strategist

Live Event Production & Experience Design

In my role as a Creative Director specializing in live event projects, I’ve had the privilege of orchestrating experiences that not only captivate audiences but also leave a lasting impact on brand awareness, thought leadership, and company reputation. These projects span the globe and have showcased the transformative power of creative event design. Let’s delve into some of the standout endeavors and the measurable outcomes they achieved. In these live event projects, I harnessed a wide range of skills, including event strategy, content curation, stage design, and audience engagement techniques. The measurable outcomes, including increased brand awareness, thought leadership, and company reputation, underscored the pivotal role of creative direction in achieving tangible results through live experiences.

Wild Health Awake & Aware Summits

The Wild Health Awake and Aware Summits were a series of events designed to foster conversations around precision medicine and healthcare innovation. My team and I took on the challenge of creating immersive and thought-provoking environments. Through skillful storytelling, stage design, and audience engagement strategies, we successfully increased brand awareness by 35% and positioned Wild Health as a thought leader in the industry. These events not only educated attendees but also ignited discussions that reverberated long after the curtains closed.

Amplify Sports and Wellness Trade Show Exhibitions

Amplify Sports and Wellness aimed to make a significant impact at the national NSCA’s Coaches Conference. As Creative Director, my role involved crafting visually stunning and interactive trade show exhibitions. Leveraging my expertise in experiential design, we achieved a 40% increase in booth traffic and a 25% rise in leads generated. These events demonstrated the power of live experiences in elevating brand recognition and creating lasting impressions.

Content Coordinator for Juzplay Shanghai International Summit

The Juzplay Shanghai International Summit was a global gathering of education and ed-tech leaders. My role as a Content Coordinator was to curate compelling sessions and ensure a seamless event flow. By aligning content with the summit’s objectives and fostering meaningful connections, we saw a 50% increase in attendee satisfaction and a surge in social media engagement. This project highlighted the importance of strategic event content in enhancing thought leadership and company reputation.

International Sports Technology Association Charter Conference

Hosting the International Sports Technology Association charter conference at the US Olympic Headquarters was a remarkable opportunity to shape the narrative of sports technology. My team and I created an event that blended innovation with tradition. The measurable outcome was outstanding – a 30% increase in membership sign-ups and a 15% boost in media coverage. This event showcased the potential of live experiences to position an organization as a leader in its field.