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Creative Direction

The brand design, creative direction, and media production for a luxury lighting brand’s content, marketing, and branding strategies.

Oelo Lighting
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This commercial was created for the launch of the 2023 holiday season, driving up traffic by 50%

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Introduction & Challenge

In the past year, our team undertook a transformative initiative for Oelo, the esteemed luxury lighting brand. The crux of this project involved the meticulous crafting of a creative and marketing strategy, incorporating diverse elements such as paid media, influencer collaborations with figures like Dude Dad, video production, print materials, and extensive event coverage. With a judiciously managed budget of 1 million, our primary goal was to double revenue in 2023. We extended our reach beyond traditional channels, integrating dynamic components like blog posts and SEO-targeted outreach to not only maintain a robust online presence but also drive sales effectively. The commitment to dealer support was manifested through a dedicated Facebook page, fostering community engagement and providing real-time assistance. This was complemented by a series of weekly dealer training meetings, aimed at empowering our representatives with the knowledge and skills necessary for successful brand representation.

Beyond Expectations: A Recap of Project Successes

The outcomes of our concerted efforts have been nothing short of remarkable. Revenue has not only doubled as targeted but surpassed expectations. Brand awareness and identity experienced a substantial uptick, positioning Oelo prominently in the luxury lighting industry. The dealer support initiatives, including the dedicated Facebook page and weekly training meetings, not only strengthened our relationship with dealers but also fostered a vibrant and engaged community. The dynamic blend of traditional and digital strategies, from paid media to influencer collaborations, has not only met but exceeded our set goals. Oelo emerges from this project not just as a successful brand but as a beacon of excellence and innovation in the realm of luxury lighting.