For many years, I have been working in the eLearning space, mastering the steps of assessing a client’s needs, strategizing for the best outcomes, and managing a production schedule for optimal efficiency. Some of the skills I have developed over my career include:

  • Being a strategic thinker who designs the training approach, leads and guides development projects from start to finish.
  • Working closely with SMEs, Learning & Professional Development Management team, and instructional designers (IDs) to share knowledge and maintain a well-organized, timely and high-quality work product.
  • Applying adult learning principles and effective eLearning techniques to create instructional design documents, eLearning storyboards and instructor/facilitator/participant materials.
  • Writing training task matrices and learning objectives that ensure mastery of learning objectives.
  • Leading innovation efforts through product development technology, processes to increase efficiency and effectiveness, assisting others in thinking creatively about learning products.
  • Ensuring matters related to client or potential clients are handled in a way that create positive lasting impressions with high quality, prompt and courteous service by myself and others.
  • Strong instructional design expertise for eLearning and blended learning.
  • Strong knowledge of integrating audio, video, simulations and animations using eLearning development tools.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong critical thinking/problem solving skills and ability to build on experience to use technology to bring opportunities to use value-added tools to projects.
  • Flexibility to shift focus in a fast-paced environment with continually changing priorities.
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