Project Management

As a Project Manager, I develop web and media assets for various applications including ads, features, podcasts, product releases, fundraising and community development projects. I integrate Inbound Marketing principles into project management for result-oriented outcomes. This approach combines persuasive management with a consultative attitude, allowing team members’ concerns to be heard while keeping the project aligned with the organization’s goals. Some of my skills in this field include:

  • Developing and presenting proposals to both government agencies and private enterprises.
  • Managing teams consisting of programmers, web designers, content creators, and testers.
  • Utilizing rapid prototyping to deliver proof-of-concept during the proposal stage.
  • Implementing web-based project management tools to provide clients with progress updates without requiring in-person meetings.
  • Cultivating a highly motivated, self-managed development team with a strong track record of completing projects on time and within budget.
  • Providing comprehensive project deliverables, including thorough documentation and training materials.