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Spartan Race Stadium Campaign

The design and technical supervision producing stadium graphics, web ads and a television motion-graphic ad fo r a strategic partnership with Spartan Race.

Project duration was approximately 30 days, at a cost of approximately $50,000

Technology: Content was produced using Adobe creative suite, including illustrator and photoshop for graphic design, premiere for editing the television commercial, and a freelance production company to collect footage used in the commercial.

Role: Creative Director | Senior Exectuive Producer

Developed and executed a strategic plan for an ad campaign for Spartan Race stadium events, identifying key target audiences, channels, and messaging.

Leveraged expertise in visual storytelling to create compelling and impactful creative assets, including photography, video, graphics, and typography, aligning with overall campaign strategy and messaging.

Ensured brand consistency across all channels and assets, maintaining the Spartan Race brand identity, messaging, and values to reinforce the brand image and increase recognition.

Utilized a data-driven approach to measure campaign effectiveness, tracking key performance indicators such as engagement, conversion, and revenue to optimize the campaign and achieve measurable results.



Because of our positive relationship with Spartan, Wild Health was chosen as the official healthcare provider of Spartan Race. This improved brand visibility by giving us premium signage and prominent billing at Spartan events, while also justifying the budget to run the ad shown above on television in cities where events were taking place in the week leading up to the event. I was asked to help design a specialized landing page for the marketing team to funnel attendees and word of mouth leads, which led to a 30% increase in subscriptions for q3 2022.