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Project Overview

Creative Direction

The brand design, creative direction, and media production for a fire apparatus manufaturer’s content, marketing, and branding strategies.

SVI Trucks
Creative Director
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This product feature generated over 1500 likes in the first 3 days on Facebook and led to three new truck sales. 

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Introduction & Challenge

In my current role at SVI Trucks, I am actively engaged in a comprehensive project aimed at optimizing the brand’s online presence and customer engagement. The project’s scope encompasses creating impactful product demos and implementing custom UI on the website to cater to specific customer demands, thereby enhancing the overall user experience and aligning the online platform with the diverse needs of our customer base. A significant aspect of my role involves formulating budgets for department salaries, PPC campaigns, influencer advertising, special promotions, and events, contributing to the overall financial efficiency of the department.


In parallel, I strategically devise supplemental organic strategies, seamlessly integrating them with our paid media approach to broaden our reach and establish a cohesive marketing landscape. Collaborating closely with the product team, I play a pivotal role in improving packaging and UX for both products and web pages, enhancing the brand image and customer satisfaction.

Driving Growth and Market Position at SVI Trucks

My responsibilities extend to providing creative art direction to both in-house and contracted content creators, ensuring the alignment of creative output with the brand vision and securing final approval for resonant content. Additionally, I actively manage relationships with dealers, strategic partners, and other stakeholders during product launches, fostering positive connections crucial for the success of these initiatives.


The project’s outcomes are noteworthy, marked by the establishment of robust content performance metrics that facilitate continuous optimization of strategies. The result is a remarkable 30% increase in content engagement, underscoring the effectiveness of our refined approach. This holistic experience at SVI Trucks not only hones my skills across diverse domains but also significantly contributes to the company’s growth and solidifies its position in the market.