Creative Director | Marketing Strategist

USA Boxing

Project Overview

Creative Direction

The brand design, creative direction, and media production for a precision health company’s strategic partnership with USA Boxing

USA Boxing | Wild Health
Senior EP
Social Media & Press

This educational series was created for the USA Boxing team to aid in their training and knowledge of nutrition.

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Introduction & Challenge

For the partnership between USA Boxing and Wild Health, I had the incredible opportunity to spearhead a collaborative effort that spanned across multiple media channels and verticals. My role was to lead a team of talented creatives in developing innovative marketing campaigns and brand strategies that showcased the shared values of both organizations. By leveraging our collective expertise, we aimed to promote health, wellness, and empowerment through boxing.

Through this partnership, we were able to create impactful content that resonated with audiences on various platforms including social media, websites, print materials, and live events. We crafted compelling storytelling narratives that highlighted the physical benefits of boxing as well as its positive impact on mental well-being.

A New Horizon for Precision Medicine in Athletics

The outcomes of this collaboration were truly remarkable. Not only did it result in increased awareness for both USA Boxing and Wild Health but also led to greater engagement from individuals who were inspired by our message. The partnership helped foster a sense of community among boxing enthusiasts while promoting healthy lifestyles nationwide.

This collaboration facilitated valuable knowledge exchange between experts in precision medicine & sports science , leading to groundbreaking research projects exploring how personalized healthcare can optimize athletic performance.This resulted in improved training methodologies for athletes at all levels within USA Boxing’s ecosystem, further solidifying their position as leaders within both amateur professional boxing arenas.

The partnership between USA Boxing and Wild Health achieved significant milestones by combining creativity with purpose-driven marketing strategies. It was an honor to be part of such a transformative initiative that positively impacted individuals’ lives while reinforcing each organization’s mission.